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Acknowledging Alcohol addicts and  Making their lives happy through events after losing one of  our beloved friend.

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We want to encourage everyone to talk to their loved ones if they see signs that they might be struggling with alcoholism, the way we wished has with Adam. Being able to spread that message while honoring Adam and raising money for charity, while enabling responsible drinking, was a fantastic feeling. We just wished Adam could have been there to see it.

Hiding or lying about alcohol

Hiding alcohol is a huge red flag for alcoholism, and comes in many forms. This can include having alcohol hidden in the house, car, or workplace, or hiding the amount someone is drinking

Knowledge is the best weapon

Find out what treatment options are available and present them in a loving and non confrontational way to your loved one.

Support them in the right ways

You can support your loved one in many ways. Help them get treatment, look up or even attend AA meetings with them, and encourage them when they have hit sobriety markers.

You Can Get Involved, Too!

We have been amazed at how many people’s lives have been affected by alcoholism. Almost everybody knows someone with addiction problems or even is struggling him or herself.



We have continued to have The Bars Tone events every year on Adam’s birthday. Each year, it gets bigger and better



There are many ways to help out, but some of our most significant needs are: donations from businesses for our raffles



As our events grow, so does our need for volunteers. If you would like to get involved with The Bars Tone in any capacity, please do not hesitate to reach out

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