Bars Tone’s New Purpose

The Bars Tone’s New Purpose

After Adam died, we were all devastated.

Jamie, Alexis and Mike, Clarissa, and The Bars Tone all took it very hard.

We all felt so guilty. We knew something had been wrong, but we all looked the other way. We all had our reasons, but mostly we just thought that until something terrible happened, there was no reason to talk to Adam about his drinking, because maybe he would outgrow it. And he seemed fine; he was a happy drunk, and still managed to show up for the band and play, and be there for his friends and family. Alcohol never got in the way of anything important for him, so we didn’t think he could truly be an alcoholic. We thought the worst thing that could happen to him would be that he’d get arrested for drunk driving, maybe, and then he’d sort himself out.

But we were so, so wrong. We’d give anything to be able to go back in time and at least talk to Adam, try to help him, get him in treatment because we might have been able to help save his life.

The Bars Tone didn’t want to play anymore after Adam died. We all felt he was the heart of the band, and it wouldn’t feel right to perform without him. It would feel weird and wrong just to replace him with another drummer.

But at the same time, the band was so important to Adam and letting it go wholly felt like allowing another piece of him die. Not to mention they wanted to continue all the good work they were doing for charities by playing their shows.

So, The Bars Tone, Clarissa, and Jamie, Mike and Alexis all held a meeting. The goal was to figure out a way to repurpose The Bars Tone in a way that honored Adam, without replacing him. We also wanted to keep the charity work going.

We came up with the idea to use The Bars Tone as the name of our own charity. We would approach local businesses and ask them to donate goods or certificates, and create gift baskets to auction and raffle off. The Bars Tone would play a few songs, and other local bands would play for a free as well. There would be an entry fee for the concerts, hosted by various local bars, and throughout the performances, we would raffle and auction off the baskets. We would donate all the money to organizations for alcoholism research and rehabilitation, in Adam’s name.

Invigorated with a sense of purpose, we got busy making calls and flyers, presenting to local businesses and bars, and finding other volunteers to help us organize the event. We were able to pull it together by Adam’s birthday. It was surprising and heart-warming how willing people were to help, and we were struck by just how many people were similarly affected by alcoholism in their lives.

And so, The Bars Tone evolved from a band name to a well-known annual charity event.

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