Did Adam Commit A Crime That Night?

Crashed car.

We all share a major regret since we lost Adam to drunk driving, and that is the fact that we were too late to speak up when we should have. It is certain that Adam’s drink driving wasn’t the first time, but sadly, to our dismay, it was the last time. Adam’s demise taught us all a valuable lesson in communicating effectively when we feel that a friend of a loved one may be doing harm to themselves through excessive drinking. We see Adam’s accident as a great loss, some others might see it as one of those senseless drunk driving accidents. What was Adam really thinking on that very day, minutes before the accident? I bet he thought he had everything under control and was perfectly able to drive home without any hiccups. That’s really the problem with drinking; you never know when it’s too much till it’s too late.

After the accident, we couldn’t help but wonder if, by driving while intoxicated, Adam committed any crimes. The answer is yes; a law referred to as DUI. What is DUI? DUI means driving under the influence of alcohol or other toxic substances. Drinking and driving are considered a heinous crime by law as the driver places their life and the lives of others in mortal danger.

Drinking while on the wheels is referred to as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). The blood alcohol content (BAC) is also a unit of measurement for the percentage of alcohol in one’s blood. A BAC of 0.08 % is considered DUI/DWI and is punishable by law.

Many people drink and drive without the slightest clue at what their BAC is until it is too late. Some drivers, due to their level of alcohol tolerance, may not feel intoxicated immediately until they find themselves on the road battling with BAC effects.

It takes an average of 30 minutes for alcohol to be absorbed in the system, and this means you may not feel the effects until you find yourself on the highway; this is why it is advised that one should never drive after drinking. Alcohol slows down cognitive skills and muscular reflex; it also reduces breathing and causes drowsiness, which makes a person sleepy. This is why drunk drivers are a road hazard.

Impaired driving due to alcohol use disorder has led to the loss of thousands of lives over the years. We never imagined for a moment that Adam would be remembered for high BAC drunk driving. The question we asked ourselves, then was this- is there any safe amount of BAC that would be harmless?

At BAC of 0.02, the effects are increased temperature, decreased visual capacity, inability to multitask, and moodiness.

BAC 0.05 presents with boisterous behaviors, poor coordination, slow response rate, poor alertness, impaired judgment, and others

A BAC of 0.08 reduces the ability to focus, poor speed control, loss of muscular coordination, short-term memory, inability to speedily process information.

By 0.10 BAC, the individual will experience slurred speech, lack of muscular coordination, memory loss, and others. This phase is above the illegal BAC of 0.08%, and a road accident is almost certain.

At 0.15 BAC, it is unlikely that the drinker would be able to operate a vehicle. At this stage, the driver may experience loss of balance, impaired vision, vomiting, and other side effects.

When a drunk driver is allowed to ply the road, the possibility of killing a pedestrian is extremely high. How often is someone killed in the US by a drunk driver? A report says that at least 29 people die every day in accidents that involve drunk drivers. Here are drunk driving facts:

● Over a million drivers were arrested in 2016 for DUI

● The death of 10,497 people in the US in 2016 was largely attributed to alcohol-impaired driving

● 16% of vehicle accidents are caused by the legal and illegal use of drugs and alcohol

Now that the facts are clear, it is certain that Adam had driven under the influence of alcohol that day and did not live through it. The Bars Tone will certainly never be the same without him, without his cheerful charisma. We would have to live with the fact that we could have made a huge difference in his life if we had intervened at the right time. You can learn from our mistakes and commit to talking to your friends and loved ones who may be drinking alcohol excessively, at least while you still have the opportunity to do so.

Did Adam Commit A Crime That Night?

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