The Dark Side Of Adam

The Dark Side Of Adam

The Adam that we met in college, the one we grew up with, was a fantastic guy. In our last post, we told you how funny, talented, and charismatic he was, and how he had many people in his life who loved him dearly. To get to the point of our story, we also have to tell you about another side of Adam so that you can get the full picture. But we wanted to tell you about who he really was, separate from the alcoholism, first.

Yes, Adam was an alcoholic, and he died in a drunk driving accident. After another night of drinking too much, Adam drove his car and passed out from intoxication at the wheel, and his vehicle veered off the road and into a ditch. Apparently, he died instantly and felt no pain, and there were no others involved in the accident.

We had known Adam was struggling for a long time. It seemed to start in college. Like a lot of people our age at the time, we were experimenting with alcohol and sometimes marijuana, going out to bars with fake I.D.’s, or getting our older friends to buy us a bottle of cheap liquor and playing drinking games in our dorms until we passed out.  We would go out to bars that had student specials like $5 bottomless cups, and play pool or darts and try to get people’s numbers for dates. If we stayed in, we would play all kinds of card games, or Truth or Dare, or spin the bottle, until we were so drunk we had to stumble back to our respective rooms, drowsy and giggling.

It was fun, and it seemed like it’s what everybody was doing. For the most part, we stayed out of trouble, and it was all pretty harmless.

Except for Adam. We started to notice that Adam would always drink a little more and a little faster than the rest of us. He would always be the first one to suggest getting a drink, and the last one taking shots at night when we had all called it quits. As we said, though, he was a big guy, and the life of the party, and we just figured he needed to drink more to get as buzzed as we were, and that he was just a hard-partying type of guy.

Mike was Adam’s roommate and start noticing things the rest of us couldn’t see. Like that Adam was hiding alcohol under his bed, or in the bathroom, or that he was sneaking alcohol into his soda he would take with him to class. If we had plans together, Mike said he knew Adam was drinking in the bathroom before meeting up with us, because one time he checked to see if the bottle under the sink had less in it before and after Adam was in there.

There were clear warning signs, but for the most part, Adam handled himself well and seemed happy, so we never confronted him about his relationship with alcohol.

Now, of course, we really, really wish we had.

The Dark Side Of Adam
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