Whom is this blog about?

Whom is this blog about?

In memory of Adam – a talented musician, loving guy, and fun friend. You’re forever in our hearts.

Your«The Bars Tone»

We’d like to introduce you to our friend Adam.

Adam is hilarious, always the funniest guy in the room. He has a big, booming laugh that he just can’t tone down no matter where he is (think: library, church, funeral, etc.), and it’s so infectious you can’t help but laugh along with him.

Adam is a big guy, tall, over six feet. He’s broad and burly, with a thick dark beard he is very proud of. He has colorful tattoos that cover his arms and chest.

He is really into music and plays the drums in a band called The Bars Tone. Their sound is upbeat and fun to dance to, and they play gigs in bars all over the city. Almost every weekend our group of friends goes out to hear Adam and the other guys (and one girl) in the band play. We drink too much craft beer and happily sway along with the music, forgetting the stresses of the workweek.

The guys in the band all wear jeans, black T-shirts and converse, but the T-shirts all have different logos of charities they support. Adam and his bandmates donate a portion of their earnings each month to different charities, and have their black shirts custom-made with the logos of the charities on them, and rotate them every few months. It’s actually a really cool idea and makes you feel like you’re doing something good for others by going out with your friends to hear them play.

Adam has a girlfriend named Clarissa, and she is part of our friend group too. Clarissa is very supportive, and she and Adam match like a perfect set. Although they both have dark hair and are covered in tattoos, Clarissa is petite and waif-like, where Adam is large and intimidating. She is an artist and makes her living selling custom watercolor portraits of people with their pets. They live together in a studio apartment in Chicago, which is the city where we all live.

We are Jamie, Alexis, and Mike. We are three of Adam’s best friends, and probably the closest people to him besides his bandmates and Clarissa. The four of us met in college, where Adam was studying music, Jamie was taking pre-med courses, and Alexis and Mike both studied business (Alexis and Mike are now engaged to each other). As a group, we spent a lot of late nights studying together, and even later nights partying together. We shared good times, bad times, and growing pains. We went through a lot, and helped each other out and leaned on one another in hard times. We celebrated great times together too, like our college graduation, The Bars Tone first album, Jamie getting into med school, and Alexis and Mike’s engagement. We are like family to each other, only closer in a way, because we all choose to be in each other’s lives.

We wanted to tell you about the Adam we know and love, before we start talking about him in the past tense, and telling you some of the tough things about Adam. Adam passed away a few years ago, and our group is still recovering.

Whom is this blog about?
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